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Originally Posted by ironwood View Post
Check your state and local laws regarding the legality of pepper sprays. In some states pepper sprays are(or were) illegal.
Good advice.

Originally Posted by ironwood View Post
I had my first accident caused by a dog that ran under my wheel. Had I peper spray I'd have sprayed the owner I was that angy.
Hmmm. Perhaps spaying the owner would be more effective?

Seriously, I'm not sure I'd talk to the owner myself. You don't know whether the guy or gal is a drunk or a hothead or an addict or a weak-minded firearm "enthusiast"* who blames society for everything wrong in their life. Most folks aren't, but there's too many ways that this could go South. I'd probably call the cops and ask them to talk to the owner when it was convenient.

One dog story broke my heart. I was jogging, back when I could. Running by a rural house with a big field. Two kids playing with a dog. The dog sees me, and takes off to chase. I'm on the opposite side of the road. A pickup is coming towards me. I throw up my hands to have the truck stop. Too late. The dog zooms into the street and his poor little puppy head met Mr. P255/70R17. What was particularly infuriating was that the owner of the residence owned a fencing company and his entire lot was fenced. Except the driveway gate was wide open. Seeing the two little muppets looking at their dead puppy was really a downer.

*This is not a condemnation of responsible folks exercising their rights, just pointing out that not everyone's responsible and in their right mind.

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