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Several on this thread without experience are incorrectly supposing how things work.

I have sprayed dozens of dogs...

A fogger will spray you and everyone around you. The atomized mist will blow in the wind and contaminate your bike, clothing and anything else it touches including any rider behind you. Foggers are not appropriate for a bike. Go ahead and try it if you don't believe me.

If you can drink from a water bottle then you can carry and use pepper spray. Keep it in your jersey pocket and grab it when you need it. There is nothing to open. It can be shot with one hand. They are not just good in principal but in actuality. OC pepper sprays work extremely well against dogs, stops them cold.

The newer gels are extremely accurate when sprayed with very little if any overspray. It is easy to hit a dog (apart from a dog which suddenly runs in front of your bike from nowhere). I typically slow down to get a good shot, let them run right up behind or beside my bike and then let them have a spritz. I rarely speed up or try to outrun a dog. A pit bull for example, can run 25 MPH for 1/4 mile. Most cyclists are not outrunning a such a dog.

A lot of bluster in this thread too. We all know that spraying the owner instead of the dog is likely to get you arrested. I think some of you are just talking big.


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