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I suggest you start looking around your local CL, offerup, and facebook marketplace. Early this year I picked up a 1990 Fuji hybrid for $50 for basically the same purpose. It was everything I could want - lugged chromoly frame, horizontal dropouts, 700c wheels, canti brakes, plenty of room for tires and fenders. Of course, for $50, it was also tired and rusty.

I threw a few parts at it, and it's good enough to follow the kids around the neighborhood or take the dog out for a run around the block. But it still looks like a rusty basketcase, which is why I haven't posted it in here yet.

Anyway, for inspiration, you might like Rivendell's staff bike pages (no, really). There's a lot of neat townie builds there with a combination of functional elegance, willingness to mix new and vintage parts, and occasional bit of whimsy that appeals to me.
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