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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
Surely you realize that we all can't be in your league of bad@$$ery, right?
You missed the point. I think people overreact and think they are in more danger than they are, which often leads to dangerous confrontations. A dog is usually just defending his territory. Keep moving and he'll most likely leave you alone. Stop and it believes you are an intruder and continue to treat you as such.

It's like the lock/bring your bike with you debate, especially in the touring world. So many people basically say you are crazy if you let your bike out of your sight for one minute. I rode some 6,000 miles in about 4 months crossing the country+ with no lock. My total touring mileage is over 15,000. I have done other long and short tours without a lock or without using the lock I was carrying much, if at all. I couldn't begin to count the number of times I have left by bike out of my sight while doing things like eating lunch. It's rare that I lock my bike while camping. Despite all this, I have never had anything stolen while touring. How could that possibly be if there is a thief hiding behind every telephone pole and around every corner just waiting for the opportunity to steal something, like so many people believe?

The ironic thing is that the only time someone did try to steal something as when I was in camp in Wyoming doing laundry with a full view of my campsite. For some reason I cannot recall, I had set up my stove on the picnic table even though dinner time was far off. Two kids came driving down a dirt road next t the campground. Car stopped, one kid got out, eyed up my stove, approached the post rail fence bordering the campground and prepared to hop it. I jumped up from my seat and made a bee line for my site. Kid got back in the car and they sped off. More irony: The only place I have had a bike is from inside my h house while I was home and awake.

Either I am the luckiest fellow in the world with regard to dogs, bears and theft on the road or people are poor assessors of actual risk.
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