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Originally Posted by DP Roberts View Post
To the OP's point, I do think that larger folding bikes can fill a niche in the mostly recreational US market. I bought my first "real" bike - a road bike 7 years ago, and I've never really been happy with it. As a result, I've rarely used it. I've been thinking about trading it in for a folding bike with 24" wheels (I'm leaning towards a Tern Node D8). This appeals to me for several reasons:

1. I recently relocated to an area that is a lot more bike-friendly than where I used to live, but the best roads and trails aren't very close to me. Assuming I only have 2-3 hours for recreational riding, I'd hate to spend half of that smelling car exhaust on bad roads just to get to the good parts.

2. I don't have room for a full sized bike in our little apartment, but I've got the perfect little corner for a folder.

3. I'm a lot more likely to get a ride in if I go straight from work rather than going home first. I have a small car with no room for a full-sized bike inside, and definitely don't want to leave a bike on a bike rack all day. If I can fit a folder in my trunk, I can bike straight from work.

4. The roads around here are pretty bad, and I've already crashed once due to skinny road tires on bad pavement. I'd feel a lot more comfortable on wider tires.

5. The older I get, the more I want a comfortable seat and more upright riding position.

I recently read this article, which articulated my struggles with road riding better than I ever could. Obviously, many cyclists don't have all these issues, or are able to overcome them in different ways. I'm just glad that larger folding bikes are available as a solution for many of us.
Your needs and concerns are all valid, but none of them necessarily require 24" wheels. You could be well served by an existing 451er with suspension, a 406er with 50mm (2.0") wide tires or a 26"er. Nothing in your post says to me 24".
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