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Originally Posted by Abu Mahendra View Post
Your needs and concerns are all valid, but none of them necessarily require 24" wheels. You could be well served by an existing 451er with suspension, a 406er with 50mm (2.0") wide tires or a 26"er. Nothing in your post says to me 24".
Good point, but IMO the original question seemed to be "Why don't manufacturers offer more folders with wheels greater than 20"?" It seems like many people who buy folders limit themselves to wheels that are 20" or smaller for multi-modal transportation - to fit on trains, in luggage, under their desks, etc. Unfortunately, multimodal transportation isn't where it ought to be here in the US, so folders aren't as common. My point was that many people (such as myself) might want a folder for reasons other than transportation, and might have good reasons to consider larger wheel sizes.

I am still considering other wheel sizes (like the Montague 26" bikes). I haven't ruled out 20" folders either, I just don't personally have a good reason to need 20" wheels. For example, Tern makes many bikes that are nearly identical except for the wheel size, at virtually the same price. I've measured my car's trunk space & I could fit a 20" or 24" bike in there, but 26" might be pushing it. Many people have said that larger wheels react better to potholes and such, so I don't see any reason to downsize to 20" if I can find a bike in 24" that works just as well.
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