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Originally Posted by 350htrr View Post
Good for you. 10 years is a long time and is impressive in todays car centric life many/most have... Many here are seeming to be "trying" but like me are not even close to living life without a vehicle...
Living Car Free will not work for everyone, but millions of people in the US could go Car Free, especially where the ground is pretty much level, like where I live. Also, we have no snow and no ice, which is even better for cycling. Weather is mild in the winter. People who need to commute long distance would not be able to cycle to work.

Originally, I was going to install a gas-powered motor on my Townie Electra, but after doing much research, I discovered just how versatile bicycles really are. I never knew that so many people carried tons of stuff with their bicycles. Some people, like in Portland, Oregon, actually move all of their stuff from their big house to another house, using ONLY Bicycles !!! You can watch the videos on YouTube !!! I was absolutely amazed and began thinking that I could go Car Free. At first I went Car Light, started getting into shape invested in good quality gear, and quickly realized that I could carry all of my groceries . cycle to work .

Just start out slow . don't over do it Think positive
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