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Originally Posted by DP Roberts View Post
Good point, but IMO the original question seemed to be "Why don't manufacturers offer more folders with wheels greater than 20"?"
And the answer is still obvious: Because there are 24" folders already on the market and people do not buy them in relevant amounts. And they are a compromise regarding the folded size (which is the key element for any folder - if size does not matter at all you do not need a folder). So it is clear that any manufacturer going down the 24" road attracts only a small segment of a already small segment (folders) in the bike market. To fold smaller than necessary for the purpose does no damage (this may be the case for some 20" and 16" folders),. To fold bigger (or less comfortably) than necessary is a deal breaker (this is the case for some 20" folders and most of the bigger wheeled folders for most people). The Helix may become a game-changer here regarding 24" bikes (if it ever hits the streets) but though being cheap for what it offers it costs way beyond what Joe Average is willing to spend on a folding bike.

Originally Posted by DP Roberts View Post
My point was that many people (such as myself) might want a folder for reasons other than transportation, and might have good reasons to consider larger wheel sizes.
To be honest: your reasons to want a folder are (as you outlined some postings earlier) exactly the same than those of most other people: A smaller footprint for transport and storage. You have mentioned no objective reasons against 406 wheels other than personal taste (which may be a perfect reason) - so objectively there's no reason for you to need bigger wheels (rather than want them, possibly based on prejudices).
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