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How about a Brompton S2lx - the titanium version, S model, w/o rack is in my eyes one of the best choices for that purpose. The E w/o blades and with the short seat post is at or below the 10kg spot. Personally I'd add blades on a commuter bike and a high quality, lightweight hub dynamo as well (SON or SP, the latter is a bit lower quality and cheaper; the shimano outlines itself due to weight) and possibly save on weight by changing the steel seatpost for a titanium one. For a person of that size shorter cranks are a good idea, too. A colleague of mine is in the same ballpark sizewise and this is what she ended up with (apart from the titanium post) after a lot of testing. If necessary with some aftermarket parts you can get below the 10kg mark. The upfront investment is on the steep side, but for a bike that is used on a daily basis for years and years over time the price does not really matter - practicality, quality, reliability, good service and the availability of parts do. And as we all know Bromptons keep their value pretty well, so the monthly running cost (including value loss) of such a bike is close to irrelevant and not really higher than those of a cheaper bike. Fire up a spreadsheet and do the maths, if you don't believe it.
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