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Originally Posted by berlinonaut View Post
Neither agree nor disagree - it depends. I.e. I own an Airnmal Joey, equipped with 40mm/507 Kenda Kwest tires. This rolls clearly better over rough terrain or cobblestones than my 349 Brompton or a Tern Link 20"-folder. Or a 406 Bike Friday Pocket Lama with Marathons on it. But as I run it with high pressure (>6 Bar) in the tires it rolls better but not necessarily very comfy. In comparison my Bernds folder with 50/406 Big Apples on it runs more comfy as I currently run the Big Apples with 3 Bar (which is already a bit on the high side for them). It does however compensate deeper holes minimally worse than the Airnimal, but still very very well and clearly well enough. And then there's the Moulton TSR with 40/406 Marathon Racers at 6 Bar. It is at least as comfy as the Bernds but by far faster than any of my other bikes. And it does have less issues with potholes as it is suspended.

Conclusio: Wheel size is just one out of many factors when it comes to rolling and comfort. Depending on all those factors combined a 24" wheel may be more comfy than a 20" or the other way round. In many cases other factors may in sum overrule the size of the wheel, in almost all cases they may be able to do it when setting them purposefully.
Thanks for the advice. I'm strongly leaning towards Tern bikes - aside from the good reviews and specs, they're the only ones I've been able to test ride. I tried the 20" Link D8, and my main thought was "This is different, but I think I could get used to it." When I rode the Node 24", my first thought was "This is the best bike I've ever ridden!" These bikes are basically identical in every way, even the same Schwalbe Big Apples tires), so the only real difference was the wheel size.

So, I'm leaning towards the Node. However, the Link is a bit cheaper, and it would be more portable if I do decide to travel with it (which doesn't seem very likely as of now). I'll definitely have to think about it some more, but I'm glad I have both options.
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