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Originally Posted by DP Roberts View Post
I'll admit that I like the looks of the 24" wheels better. However, from what may other people have said, 24" wheels will absorb cracks, potholes, etc. better than a 20" wheel will. This makes sense, as the wheel diameter is larger & it won't sink as far down into any holes or ruts.
Sure, but the effect is pretty small and can be largely compensated by choosing slightly wider tires. On my 700c bike I generally run 25mm tires whereas on my 20" (451mm bsd) folder I have 32mm tires for about the same level of comfort on typical roads. I've ridden many century rides and fairly fast club rides on the folder and it's not much different than the equivalent rides on my 700c bikes.

But if I just want to fit a bike into the fairly small trunk of my car I almost always just pop the wheels off a 700c bike. Makes for an easy fit in my Corolla without even having to fold the rear seat. In the Camry trunk I can put two 700c bikes and their wheels while keeping the back seat up. The real plus of the folder is that it lets me take a bike along on vacation trips involving air travel at either no or only minimal extra cost and that it allows for convenient one-way bike tours with the other part of the trip on some form of transit (many of which are much more convenient with a folder vs. a regular bike).
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