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Originally Posted by Abu Mahendra View Post
The 'cush' factor--how cushy a ride a tire will give--is a function of tire size, width and pressure. Mechanically, physically a bigger rim/tire affords a greater angle of attack, smoothing out bumps. But cush will be eroded if it is running a narrow tire at high pressure. Bigger rim size is mot always cushier. An example is my 406er running 42mm-wide tires vs. my 451er running 37mm tires. The former is still cushier, despite being smaller. Why? Because the 42mm tire is not only wider, but also has a higher profile, and, due to that, it can be run at lower pressure. So, it's not as simple as chosing the larger rim size.
Suppleness of the tires are even more important element than the width, that said, I agree with the above.
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