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Originally Posted by Abu Mahendra View Post
​​​​​​Hmmm...maybe...the thing here is that we're getting into subjectivities, whereas width is a direct component of volume which in turn governs pressure. Confirmation bias must be taken into account with 'supple' tires, given that they tend to be costly, and enjoy a high prestige/connoisseur factor. Plus suppleness can come at the cost of sidewall toughness. I would not discount 'suppleness', but I would mot be so categorical either. I would categorize 'suppleness' as a second-order (in the mathematical sense) factor. My scientific gut is that suppleness is a factor in high pressure regimes, but decreases in importance in lower pressures.
No, suppleness is not correlated to high price. Here, USA, Primo Comets, Panaracer Paselas and more are relatively cheap and ride better than the best of Schwalbe.
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