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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
Sabre Red Pepper Gel easily sprays 18 to 20 feet. I've tested it in my backyard.


In a time of emergency, with pooch hot on my tail, the one I linked was terrible. I could have pee'd further and not a single drop on the dog. And that was either the second or third time the little bastard came after me. And I have lost complete confidence in pepper spray as a result of that incident.

I do carry the 18 foot one now. I sincerely hope under duress, it lives up to what it says because the other one I linked was beyond disappointing. I am surprised the dog actually didn't break the normal bounds or reality to stop and laugh at me after the attempt it looked like.

As far as the rest of the comments in the's just stupid to "not" carry pepper spray if you legally can. Just because you have never been chased by a dog doesn't mean it isn't a good thing to have. I was never chased by a dog either. In the last two years I have been chased 4 times that I can recall in fast memory, not counting a German Shepard on a leash launching himself inches from me with an owner that I looked back on that could care less. After that dog, pepper spray goes EVERYWHERE with me.

The biggest thing to carrying it is having it within reach, quick release, so that you can get it out fast enough in emergency. This is the #1 biggest obstacle to overcome. Top tube or handlebars is where mine will eventually make it. Currently it is in reach around behind my seat.

The ones I worry about are the ones that are already up on me because they came from the side too fast. If they are behind me, 98% of the time I am out peddling them anyway.

As for show your teeth, growling, charging at me with intent to hurt, harm, maybe even're getting pepper sprayed also. Period.

And that is coming from someone who is passive, loves people, and a vegan.

You're not killing anyone or anything. Just planting seeds in their mind to never make that mistake again. I accidentally got mace in my eyes when I was a kid. I know exactly what it feels like, how awful it is, and how long you are miserable. But once it is over, it's over. Having walked those shoes makes you more compassionate to be less trigger happy...but I also now find comfort in knowing "exactly" how miserable anything is going to be "after" it decided to charge at me in some type of violence.

+1 for pepper spray under the context of conversation.

The other thing I would say is if you can afford to buy multiple cans of it so you can test one out first, then that would be better. You can setup a target somewhere outside, watch a couple of youtube videos on what is the best way to use them, because there is a tactical science behind it, and practice with one can so you know exactly what it will do under duress. I didn't do that prior to carrying the product and found out the hard way.

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