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Originally Posted by COBikeLover View Post

In a time of emergency, with pooch hot on my tail, the one I linked was terrible. I could have pee'd further and not a single drop on the dog. And that was either the second or third time the little bastard came after me. And I have lost complete confidence in pepper spray as a result of that incident.
The small canister to which you linked does not spray 17 ft as claimed. Whomever wrote that copy is simply wrong.

I have four of them half empty in my garage right now. They spray maybe 8 to 10 feet. You have to slow down and let them get close.

Originally Posted by COBikeLover View Post
The ones I worry about are the ones that are already up on me because they came from the side too fast. If they are behind me, 98% of the time I am out peddling them anyway.
Keep in mind that they are pack hunters.

If one is sitting on the side of the road staring at you or alternately looking at you and then somewhere else then it is likely a decoy. If a dog, especially a small one, is making a demonstration in front of you then look behind you because one or more might be sneaking up behind you.

Also keep in mind that you can't outrun some dogs. A pit bull can run 25 MPH for 1/4 mile. Outrunning a dog is an option but it should not be relied upon.


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