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Originally Posted by Abu Mahendra View Post
Says you....anyone can pull a tire out of a hat and say it is 'supple'. if we are going about this in a scientific way, how do we know the suppleness that you ascribe to those tires is real? And if it is real, how much of it is there?

Against all of Schwalbe's offerings? wow, again, you are being categorical lacking nuance, religious about this...

Over & out.
Why not suggest one of Schwalbe's offering that is common folder size that is more supple than a Primo Comet. Extra points for a reasonably priced 16x349.

What I take exception to in your statements related to tires is your stating that width is so important. Growing up, in the USA we only had wide tire bikes, and they were slow and the tire flexing used up a lot of energy. (Is this too religious?)

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