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I own three sets ST-EF51 brake/shift levers (one 3x8 and two 3x7). I'm pretty familiar with them and like their feel and performance (and value!). The shifters in the picture generally look legit to me, save for one detail. See the two screws retaining the plastic cover on the 3-speed shifter (on the right side of the photo)? They have rounded heads, which is consistent with each of mine. However, look at the 8-speed shifter, on the left side of the photo. The screws appear to have flat heads, which would not be correct for these shifters. It could just be the lighting or angle of the photo, but that's about the only thing that would raise my eyebrows.

The plastic on the shift levers looks correct, they both have silver brake cable barrel adjusters, and only the 3-speed shifter has the shift cable barrel adjuster. The 8-speed shifter has little nubs that make it seem like a barrel adjuster could or should be there, but it's not there from the factory. On the underside, you should see a small decal with the Shimano logo, an ST-EF51 marking, and a 22.2mm marking (for the clamp diameter).

There are indeed a lot of Shimano parts (even cheap ones) shipping from Asia on eBay. I've bought one set of ST-EF51s from a seller who said they are US-based, but the language in the communication and in the (unmarked) packaging was clearly poorly-translated Chinese. I found nothing on the units I received that indicates they're counterfeits. I have them on a 1997 Trek 750 and they work pretty well.
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