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A hub and outrunner are the same thing from what I can tell.
Outrunners run forever except for bearings and possible demagnetization over time.

I am suprised to hear they needed a torque and high speed wind.
The whole thing that makes outrunners rule for airplanes is that they have low speed torque and plenty of rpm.
Since a hub has a much higher diameter the torque should be much stronger.
BUT it is a 1:1 ratio
The outrunner I put on the tire has probably a 100:1 ratio.
So my guess is the diameter still isn't much for a hub motor when compared to the torque required. The diameter (wider is lower gear) still isn't low enough even with fat rare earth magnets and mega coils around huge stator teeth.
Still that is suprising but I believe it because millions of $ was put into hub motor research.
With the outrunner (non-hub motors) the video shows it can push the bike slower than I can ride but it would take two of them (2 horsepower) to really help with hills.

It needs a freewheel too and I'm looking at Zap motor setups to try and make a new friction motor mount.
Two of these outrunners on 16v will push the bike over 30mph (maybe 40mph) and have decent low end power.
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