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Originally Posted by Witterings View Post
They would have trained the dogs to act in such a way and in case you hadn't noticed slavery's been banned for quite a few years now so probably not too many of those dogs still around.

Funny how so many people assume every dog's a vicious killer and their sole purpose is to rip your throat out even if they're just running up to you to play.
My point was that dogs' instinctive pack hunting behavior can end up being targeted at people. If you're riding out in the country and more than one dog is approaching me closely, I don't have time to figure out if they even have owners, or if the owner is maybe a crazy paranoid person. Are you actually denying that dogs sometimes attack and maul people? Am I really going to have to post links?

I don't know about you, but I love dogs and have been around them all my life. I'm fairly confident that I can tell the difference between a dog that's running up to play and one that wants to hurt me. Neither happens very often when I am on my bike, but dogs have body language and sounds that make the difference obvious, even at speed in real time.

To be clear, I don't carry spray or any other weapon. I might not be able to outrun the dog, but I have a better chance of that if I am not fumbling around for an object that I probably wouldn't even look at more than a couple times a decade.
People ride in all kinds of places in this country, and animal control can be really bad in some places. I'm not going to judge someone for believing they need some chemical protection if it isn't something that will do permanent damage to the dog. They know their local conditions better than I do.

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