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Help me size a bike

I'm sure you've seen a bunch of people asking this question but I still need help after reading a lot of others posts. A lot of people are bigger than I am.

So my son got into racing at 2 years old on his strider and this season transistioned at 4 years old to a redline micro mini. He is doing great but needs more time on the bike to gain strength. So my purpose for my bike would be to ride around the neighborhood with him. But I would like to get something i could race with if i choose to.

I'm 30 years old at 5'3"-4" at 180lbs. From looking at some sizing charts I think i should be looking at a expert or a pro. But getting the feeling the expert which shows for my height is for youth. Also noticing there are 20" and 24". A lot has change since I was a kid riding around my mach one (which now I really want that bike back!) Or I was too young to pay attention to it all. Thanks for the help.
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