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Originally Posted by Witterings View Post
They would have trained the dogs to act in such a way and in case you hadn't noticed slavery's been banned for quite a few years now so probably not too many of those dogs still around.

Funny how so many people assume every dog's a vicious killer and their sole purpose is to rip your throat out even if they're just running up to you to play.
At the same time, both the law and animal control agencies in the US recognize such a thing as a "vicious" dog.

The conditions under which a dog is considered vicious are clearly defined by municipalities and the owner of a dog deemed vicious has a higher level of responsibility to control the dog than do owners of dogs without the label.

There is a vicious dog on one of my routes. Animal control had determined that it is vicious and the owner is under court order to keep the dog restrained. Growing up my friend had a dog that would kill neighborhood cats. This scared the crud out of parents who made a big commotion. Sometimes it is the result of inbreeding.

My point is that vicious dogs exist. No one is out thinking a vicious dog and no amount of understanding dog behavior or speaking sternly is going to stop it from being vicious.


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