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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
Who has said they are "cute little harmless pooches"? But neither are they out to kill humans. We humans won't allow a dog that is a threat to humans exist for very long.

No one has said that "all dogs" are friendly. Of course there are vicious dogs and there are legal remedies to use if you run across one. However, even the most vicious dog has a human that is the head of their pack and they respond to that human. Understanding dog behavior goes a long way toward not getting attacked by one. First and foremost, don't try to outrun one. Even if you have pepper spray and you feel like you should "fight for your life", you should stop to do so. Not understanding dog behavior isn't a better way of dealing with dogs.

Start with a loud, deep stern voice and work your way up. It a lot better than waiting until the dog has latched onto your heel.
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