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Every situation is different. Dogs' behavior has been selectively modified for different purposes by humans, so there is no single set of dog behaviors that you can attribute to an oncoming dog, and that's even before you consider the possibility of rabies. Riders also have different sets of skills and ride in places with drastically different conditions.

I've only been chased by dogs a few times, and in none of those situations would stopping have been a good option. A couple of times, I've had dogs lunge at me from behind something as I pass. In those situations, you're already engaged before you realize what's going on. Automatic flight or fight responses are going to govern my behavior. My recollection is I've been charged from the right, my body has already turned the bike very rapidly to the left before I even am aware conciously that it's a dog. That has caused the dog's lunge to miss, and the couple of times this has happened to me, a significant enough distance has opened up between me and the dog that I judged that stopping would be a far worse risk than running.
'The other situations I've been in have invoved dogs running at me from behind and closing to about 10 feet behind me or so, and then not being able to get closer. Now, I suppose it is possible that there might be a dog somewhere that knows how to reserve energy for a final lunge, but every dog I've ever seen starts with its fastest speed then wears down. In those sitations, the dog has given up after a quarter mile or so. I don't see any possible advantage to me of stopping.

I'm a fairly fast rider, and my accelleration skills are really good. These have always been road situations. On dirt, I'd probably never try to outrun a dog, but the situations I've been in with my particular skill set have made out-running by far the best option. Not a big fan of rules for dealing with unique situations that start with "never" or "always".

I've also been chased by dogs in neighborhoods where stopping for any reason wasn't a good idea, but I was a young foolish person back then instead of the old foolish person I am now.
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