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Thanks to some very friendly drivers peppering me with advice while driving, I have learned a number of surprising rules in the last month:

1) If I am to the left of a right turn lane, I am required to signal that I am going straight.

2) If the shoulder of a road is marked off with a white line, the shoulder automatically becomes a bike path, and I am required to confine myself to the right of that line regardless of the condition of the shoulder.

3) I should ride on the sidewalk.

4) If I am the first vehicle to a red light at a busy intersection, I must move to the right to facilitate a right turn on red by the car behind me even though that will put me in the blind spot of cars turning right after the light turns green.

5) I should watch where I'm going but it's ok to completely obstruct the rear window of a car with stuffed animals (still don't know what that guy was babbling about, but apparently he was my "bro").

6) I should get off of the road.

7) If I'm in a nearly empty convenience store/gas station parking lot, I am required to follow the arrows as if I was going through the donut drive thru or the gas pumps, even though that's actually about 1/4 mile around the lot, and I can see everybody entering and leaving the parking lot and the blacktop is incredibly hot. Otherwise, I am asking to be killed. (A pedestrian taking the exact same route out of the parking lot would have been perfectly safe and not challenged).

8) If I am on a state road, and I roll through an intersection while the truck on the side street waits at the stop sign, I should express my gratitude to him for not rolling the stop sign and killing me.

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