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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
Every situation is different. Dogs' behavior has been selectively modified for different purposes by humans, so there is no single set of dog behaviors that you can attribute to an oncoming dog, and that's even before you consider the possibility of rabies. Riders also have different sets of skills and ride in places with drastically different conditions.

I'm a fairly fast rider, and my accelleration skills are really good. These have always been road situations. On dirt, I'd probably never try to outrun a dog, but the situations I've been in with my particular skill set have made out-running by far the best option. Not a big fan of rules for dealing with unique situations that start with "never" or "always".

I've also been chased by dogs in neighborhoods where stopping for any reason wasn't a good idea, but I was a young foolish person back then instead of the old foolish person I am now.
Your comment is just another case of "'never' or 'always'". But we can make predictions about dog behavior because having a dog in your house that is unpredictable is a recipe for disaster. Dogs aren't lions or bears or crocodiles. We have long excess of 20,000 years...with dogs. Those "modifications" we have done to them in that time frame have all had one common make an animal that is tacitly a predator with the abilities and nature of any predator into something that doesn't look at us as prey. With the exception of some feral dogs, all dogs have a human in their lives that they respond to as a pack leader.

Additionally, I don't tell people "never" or "always". Being dominant to a dog that I don't know or don't know their intentions is the first step in a multistep process. It is usually enough. Escalating upwards may be necessary but that is determined by the situation. However, if I have to escalate to the further steps, I don't suggest doing it from the saddle of a bicycle or with my back turned towards the dog. Even if you have to use pepper spray, it's not something to do while looking backwards and traveling forwards. If you do crash and the dog is bent on attacking you, where would you be then?
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