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Originally Posted by Juan Foote View Post
Did I used to ride with you on club nights?

Seriously....some years back we had a dog issue on a part of our ride. One of the guys thought it would be a good idea to bring pepper spray (or similar product made for dogs). I can only assume gel didn't exist then (I just learned about it in this thread), or the guy didn't think/care enough about the possibilities. The group was cruising along at a good clip and here comes dog, out come spray blinding the rider directly behind, causing a wreck that broke one fellows collar bone and another of the riders still has a droopy ear from broken cartilage.

In respect to the issue. I hate little dogs, and packs of dogs worse. The little dog in the neighborhood is right there under my wheels yapping away. Get out in the country a few places 'roun here and there are packs that will come out. That is darned scary.
For the most part I generally try to stop if it's single dog, firm no/go home. I have been lucky enough not to be on the wrong side of serious from a four legged animal anyway.

Worse than dog on your bike? Dog while on your trike.....face level teeth, no fun.
You are from Georgia and have seen the packs of dogs in the countryside first hand. There is some naivety on this thread however and some seem to have a more genteel frame of reference. I'm not sure they would feel the same if they climbed up Racoon Creek Rd in Dallas or met the group of dogs near the train tracks at the end of Braswell Mountain Rd in Rockmart.

I can't imagine facing a dog on a trike. Yikes!

It is a shame to hear about the issue with spray in a group. That is a completely different dynamic. The guys who ride out of Sosebee Cycling Park in White Georgia will get unhappy pretty quickly if you pull out spray while riding in front of them.

I got some Sabre Red Pepper Gel on on my knees this Saturday - my own fault from my own spray while riding with one other person. It was pretty intense, really uncomfortable. Not bad at all while riding as the wind cooled it off but when I stopped it burned really bad to the point where I had to keep squirting my water bottle on my knees. It took about 4 hours to calm down.

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