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More saddle time needed?

Okay, until recently I have been doing rides of about 30 miles, but almost never two days in a row. I have been commuting about 15 miles each way, and again not on consecutive days.
But this year I developed an interest in doing longer rides and I want to try some randonneuring next year. So I am slowly trying to go longer and I can do a 50 60 mile ride with no real issues with saddle pain/soreness. But as soon as I get on the bike the next day, I am really sore immediately and struggle by mile 15. It feels like the pain is on the sit bones and I need to stand more often just to relieve the discomfort. So I am wondering if I just need more time in the saddle to get my backside used to riding on multiple days. Or should I be concerned that my bike fit or saddle is the culprit.

Any ideas and suggestions on where to start on correcting this is welcome
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