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I try to outrun dogs that chase from behind. I usually succeed, but sometimes they gain on me. When that happens, I grab a fistful of brake (safely) and they usually back off enough to let me wind it back up and get out of dodge.

If a dog runs from the side or front and I think it could interfere with my front wheel, I slow down and stop if necessary. I am actually much more concerned about dogs making me hit the tarmac than I am of getting bitten.

Packs are the worst. They terrify me and once I encounter a pack, I typically avoid that road for months (or years). Nonetheless, in these situations, I usually try to outrun the dogs that are closest to the road. The trailing members of the pack usually don't have time to catch as long as I can keep up my speed. There is one pack on a standard route that all cyclists in my area do. The pack is on top of a hill, so I try to approach quietly and crest before they charge. They never chase downhill.

I don't carry pepper spray. I ride alone a lot. I encounter dogs on more than half my rides. I have never been bitten.
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