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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
Don't know how you define the long run, but I rode 200miles this weekend and 110 miles on July 4 without gloves, and my hands are fine. I won't be glove shopping.
Similar with your definition of "fine". Gloves can have many purposes: Sometimes they serve as a barrier to protect from pathogens or caustic chemicals. Other times they serve as a cushion.

Sure you can have a better feel sensation without gloves, but that's not always a good thing. Just try boxing or using high voltage without gloves and see how long you last. I'm met many people (particularly men) who brag about and feel its "fine" to have rough, dried, cracked and calloused hands from farm work or other similar "dirty jobs."

Anyway, it all depends on what you need the gloves for. I use mine for cushioning. Particularly the meaty part of the palm. Believe me once you've fallen off your bike onto that part of your hand, you won't ride again without them.
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