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Originally Posted by Shimagnolo View Post
But without ring card girls, boxing is just two men giving each other degenerative brain disease.
Yeah, I have mixed feelings about the consequences of boxing. More than most sports there's a high risk of brain damage. I've seen interviews with retired boxers who were sharp and witty in their youth and now mumble almost incoherently. OTOH, many boxers seem to suffer few or no apparent side effects.

Every sport has some risk of brain damage from head blows, even without loss of consciousness or even a diagnosis of concussion. Cycling is risky. I'm recovering from a shoulder injury after a car struck me a couple of months ago. My helmet smacked the pavement but apparently not hard enough to dent the helmet, and I had no concussion. Presumably my shoulder absorbed the brunt -- it sure snapped and popped like it did.

Traditionally, for many young people, boxing and other sports have offered a way out of poverty. Unfortunately many of them end up back where they started, along with brain damage. But I think most of them know the risks and are willing to accept them in exchange for an opportunity. I knew the risks when I was an amateur boxer and I retired from the sport in my early 20s when I began suffering headaches after bouts, even when I won. I still hold just enough libertarian leanings to be disinclined to forbid anyone from pursuing a risky goal if the person mostly likely to suffer consequences is the athlete him/herself.
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