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It was not my intention to specifically recommend a vintage French bike. The reason why we have not one, but two vintage French bikes is just luck. My wife has owned her Peugeot since high school, and the Gitane was just a find. My then 15 year old son needed a bike and this bike was on sale at a lbs in ready to ride condition, and, because the bike was a bit of a Frankenbike (non matching wheels, mismatched components, a modern Shimano derailleur instead of vintage Campy or Huret, etc) it wasn't really the sort of thing a collector would pay a premium for. And it was November, which is a slow time for bike shops here so I negotiated what I think was a fair deal. Almost two years later and it hasn't needed anything at all.

second, I understand the impulse of bike mavens to recommend mid priced level components, but agree that even Altus, or Claris level stuff these days is usually pretty good. Even Tourney isn't bad, but I would say go up at least to Altus level. As for Claris, that is better than Sora was just 10 or 12 years ago.

So so that said, it doesn't do OP any good to recommend he triple his budget, but I stick by my recommendation that if he wants to buy new, bump the budget up by $80 or $100 so he can at least avoid big box crap (my apologies if you work for a big box store, but it is true that most big box store bikes are crap).
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