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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
To the OP: most bikes in that range are going to be fairly similar. Find something with a Tourney drivetrain at minimum, if you can jump up into a Sora or Claris, all the better. Living in an area without bike shops will hamper your ability to check out the used market. IF you are set on ordering from online, a place like Bikes Direct (or their scratch and dent site Bike Island) or Nashbar will get you a bit of a bump in quality from the Amazon offerings. Agree with others, on avoiding a suspension fork if possible at that price point. You can find something with a bit wider tires, that will add just as much comfort. I'd look at something like this: Save up to 60% off new Flat Bar Hybrid Bikes - Gravity Swift 21 | Save up to 60% off new Bicycles Online

To an extent. Something like a vintage French manufacturer, while in many cases a fine bike, should not be recommended to someone like the OP, unless he is willing to deal with a lot more maintenance and parts compatibility issues than he needs to. Having owned even a halfway-modern Peugeot, I know bike shops don't have many of the tools necessary for it.

And you still haven't grasped the concept that not everyone has unlimited, or in many cases even modest, funds to devote to cycling. I do see people on Wal-Mart bikes, all the time, likewise as has been pointed out to you you only see the ones with issues. No, I am not going to pretend they are anything quality, but to counter your point, a cheap bike you are out riding is better than an expensive bike you can't afford and don't buy. It would be one thing if you were mentioning something like many of the other posters, if he finds an extra $60-80, he could get into an entry level Giant or Trek, but you are offering suggestion of hydraulic brake systems that don't appear until much higher priced bikes (even on your hated BD, they start around $700), and seatposts that are half his entire budget. Not to mention, by trashing on lower level components, you are even taking your own LBS offerings out of the mix. Avoiding Altus and Claris and Acera is just straight up snobbery, and if Tourney can do a couple hundred miles through Iceland on my buddy's bike, I'm certainly not going to diss it. There is exactly zero wrong with a bike with V-brakes, one doesn't need discs for the type of riding he is suggesting.
Absolutely! I have a hybrid bike purchased from a department store 20 years ago with a tourney drivetrain. Since I bought it, I got a Schwinn World Voyageur that I use most often for my daily commute, but I still have my old dept store bike as a backup and to use for towing my daughter on her tag-along since it's got very low gearing. I still ride it a couple times a week. I've never had to change a part on it. I'm sure it could use a new freewheel and chain by now, and maybe a new crankset, but I'll worry about that when it starts skipping. And then, when it finally needs it, I can get a new crankset, freewheel, and chain all for around $50. For light riding on a budget, I don't see what's wrong with a cheap bike.

To the OP, I have 26x1.9 tires on my hybrid bike and it lowish pressure, they provide a nice soft ride.
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