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John E knows his stuff.

The old Peugeots are great bikes, once you put on aluminum wheels. I got one to use as a beater bike and once I added the alu wheels it quickly became a favorite. One thing led to another, and this is the result:

I found that the Mafac brakes work extremely well. I am using Campagnolo Nuovo Record levers on my Peugeot, but Weinmann or Dia-Compe levers work very well also. The hubs are fine, as long as they are cleaned and regreased. As for the handlebar stem, pull it and check the expander slot for cracks. If there is no crack, remove the fixing bolt and drill a hole at the top of the slot. That will stop any cracks from propagating.

As for the crank, the only issue is if you need a smaller gear. They work fine as long as the gears are ok. If not, you might be able to modify the existing crank to accept a granny gear. I admit this is a little outré, but I had a machinist modify an old crank to accept Spécialités TA chainrings. The crank works very well this way! Anyway, my point is, those old Peugeots make great bikes and there is a ton of experience here on how to do it.

Here’s the modified steel crank:

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