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Originally Posted by MRT2 View Post
It was not my intention to specifically recommend a vintage French bike. The reason why we have not one, but two vintage French bikes is just luck. My wife has owned her Peugeot since high school, and the Gitane was just a find.
Yeah, didn't mean to imply that, I probably could have worded that a bit better. Just didn't want them to see that list, stumble on an old French bike ad, and pick it up not knowing the difference

The reason I get so touchy about advice like VB gives is that I was that guy a few years ago, when I got back into cycling. I was looking for a $500 budget, and realistically could have been talked into the $7-800 range. The couple LBS I went to told me nothing less than $1500 105 equipped bikes would make me happy, or used still north of four digits, and I gave up looking because I figured it wasn't worth buying anything lesser if they said it would be bad. If it wasn't for teaching myself to rebuild my old Scott MTB and riding that around, then eventually finding the C&V section here, I probably would have given up on cycling because of said advice.

Personally, I'd agree with the others who said it would be better if possible to scrape up a bit more money and get to the $400 price point, and I'd even suggest getting into the 8 speed range (to get rid of freewheels), but if someone doing what the OP mentioned has a hard budget, you can get something adequate.

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