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I take it no abrasion sores or soreness, just pressure soreness? What saddle? How much padding, i.e. how far can your thumb sink into it?

Another thing you could try is to ride every day, even for only 1/2 hour. When you sit on a saddle, the tissues below the pelvic bones are compressed. This cuts off some of their oxygen supply. That makes them hurt. Over time, repetitive oxygen reduction causes changes in these tissues which enable them to carry on even with the reduced blood supply. This is the mechanism of getting a tough saddle butt.

OTOH, an ill fitting saddle can cause bone bruising, which only gets worse, never better. On a day after a ride when your butt hurt, reach back and press on the bones which were bothering you. Do they hurt when you press on them? That would be a bad sign.

Another thing you can try is to stand for 1 minutes every 10 minutes, by the clock. Everyone should do that anyway. That allows blood to return to the compressed tissues and helps them adapt.
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