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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
I know nothing about cruisers, but see 'em all the time at work...lots of different brands from Workman
to Huffy. They all look like ramshackle rusty junk...sit outdoor all the time.
But they seem to ride pretty nice, even with all that rust. Some feel pretty comforable...some feels really awkward and uncomfortable.

If you're a bike snob and you had $1000 to spend on a Cruiser for multi-purpose use that's durable and relatively light weight, what would it be?

Something small for a 5'7" person.
Maybe 3 speed hub.
"Best Cruiser" is a little hard to pin down. What's the best club in a golf bag or the best fruit in a bowl? It's all subject to individual tastes. I'm not saying you are a snob but since you pose the question.... I have a Trek Calipso 7 speed aluminum frame, fenders, plush seat, nice grips and bars it fits me well and I enjoy riding it. It hits most of the marks you seem to be interested in. It's a Trek so they usually go with higher quality components but you can always upgrade to XT or better if you like.I also have a Electra Lux 7 (pre Trek buy out) which is the same only different from the Trek. Internal geared bikes are the coolest thing ever with straight chain line and no clicky derailleur to mess with. Pricey but worth it, best bet is to have custom wheels made just the way you want them. You don't have to spend $1000 but maybe close depending how nice the nice you're looking for. I envy you on the trip ahead for you choosing the base frame and all the components to bolt on. Just remember you'll have to protect your investment with a heavy duty lock to thwart bike thieves. Rusty ramshackle is intentional to keep it safe.
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