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Originally Posted by bing181 View Post
FWIW, I've had two fits.

The first was from a professional ex-cyclist who trained as a physiotherapist, and does fits using the Ergomotion system (basically, an adjustable bike hooked up to a computer that measures power).

The second, and more recent, was a Retul fit, done by a physiotherapist - who's also a cyclist - in a sports clinic. They work with the Radioshack/Trek/Leopard team in Europe.

In both cases, I specifically wanted someone with physio (or similar) training, as I have a scoliosis and leg length discrepancies (nothing major). I also have a bit of a non-standard body, basically very short torso, long arms/legs, but there again, length is not evenly distributed.

Both fits were great, the Ergomotion one got me in the ball park, but the Retul fit has taken it to another level. Big difference, the Ergomotion fit was really focused on the leg-length discrepancy and sorting that out, moreso than the actual fit. The Retul guy wasn't so fussed about leg-length etc., but very focused on the global fit.

What I now have, especially with the Retul fit, is a fit that has nothing to do with what I get if I work through one the of "fit by measurement" systems. I'm MUCH higher and MUCH further forward than what would be recommended (almost a full-blown TT position) - but it feels fabulous, I'm getting much more power, and the bike handling has improved out of site.

My experience.

BTW, speaking of bikes, can't help but put in a plug here. I have a Pinarello Rokh, acquired about 6 months ago in the search for a better-fitting bike. If you're looking at something like a Synapse or Domane, check one out. I can't say enough about what a great ride it is, and I've had/ridden some decent bikes in my time.
What is the tire clearance on the Rokh? One of the things that makes the Domane so attractive is the 35 mm tire clearance for the disc version.
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