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Bikes: Miyata Six-Ten (Men's)

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Need help proving I bought my Miyata Six-Ten in Toronto, On Canada

Hi Everybody/Bien venue!

I love biking and golden retriever dogs!

I bought a gorgeous, black Miyata Six-Ten (men's) touring bike in 1979-1980 in Toronto, Canada.
My baby and I rode the equivalent of across Canada several times.

I attended grad school in the USA during the end of the 1990s and early 2000s.
I left my bike in Portland, OR figuring I'd never really need it again. However, I have since decided that I would like to bring it back to Toronto where I am living now.
I have the bike's serial number but the store I bought it from and I gather the bike company are out of business now.

***I need to prove to Canada Customs that it is my bike and I bought it in Toronto otherwise they can be very mean and they will slam me with inordinate duties and taxes on MY Canadian bike.***

Is there any way to prove with the serial number that it was sold in Toronto, Canada and not in the USA.
Unfortunately, I still can't prove that I bought it here new and didn't buy it second hand from someone else.

I customized the gear ratios, etc on it so it rides like the perfect bike. I really, really want to get it back. I'll never have the money I would need to buy anything of comparable quality like that ever again. But most of all, it is irreplaceable because when I rode her we were One with the wind.

I would greatly appreciate any helpful suggestions you have.

Thank you!

Tranquility on my Miyata
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