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Originally Posted by ksryder View Post
I have limited experience on tandems but I could swear reading some ad copy a few years back for a company that made tandems with some sort of independent drive setup that would let both stoker and captain spin at different rates. Can't for the life of me find it now.

So what's the verdict on that setup -- actually useful or does it have problems? Does it even exist or is it just something I dreamed of and thought it was real? That happens sometimes when I eat pepperoni too close to bedtime.
You can't have that system on a tandem with traditional geometry, because the cranks or feet would bump into each other. The Counterpoint design works, and my wife and I tried one. The captain is in the back and sits upright. The stoker is in front and is recumbent. Because the cranks are so far apart, they can go at different rates. The stoker's crank is attached to the drivetrain with a five-speed freewheel which provides more than enough difference from the captain's cadence. The stoker can also coast while the captain pedals.
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