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Originally Posted by DP Roberts View Post
So taking this back to the original post - 20" vs 24" wheels - if you were to take two bikes from the same brand with the same specs and the same exact tires, how much of a difference would 20" vs 24" wheels make?

The OP and I were both considering the Tern Link (20") vs Tern Node (24") versions of the same bike. As I mentioned previously, the 24" felt more stable in my (admittedly brief) test ride. Some people say that a 20" folder feels strange at first, but one gets used to it.

That point reminds me of car reviews, where the reviewers always make a huge point about the arrangement of switches and stuff. Sure, if you're just getting into any car for the first time, it's going to feel and drive differently than you're used to. But I've never known anyone who couldn't get used to the controls of their new car after a very short period of time.

Still... if one doesn't consider the 20" wheel size to be a benefit (as I don't), and one can put whatever tires one wants on 2 different size wheels for basically the same price, why not go with the one you happen to like better at first?

I say this because I just placed an order for a Node yesterday, but I found out it's on backorder for 2 weeks. The Link version of the same bike is currently available, but I'm still 90% sure I want to wait on the Node.
The short answer is, i don't know because i have never ridden 24".

To answer your questions we need to specify sizes. 20" comes in two main flavors, 406 which has tires from skinny Duranos to balloon tires, and 451 which tops out at 37mm tires. This means that 406 can be more cushy than 451 because you can run fatter tires at lower pressure. 24" has two main sizes, 507 and 540, the former being lower pressure/fatter tire while the latter tends to skinnier higher pressure tires. Which ones are we comparing?

All in all, my gut is that the two 24" sizes will be cushier.

Now, a 540 rim is only 19mm (3/4") smaller in diameter than 559 (26"). I personally would never go for 540 prefering the marginally bigger 559 in all cases. 507? Maybe. 540? No. I would instead go for 559.
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