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Are you bringing it back yourself? I've crossed the border numerous times with bicycles on my vehicle and have never been asked for proof of where I purchased it. Although it is possible. In the absence of a receipt, I don't know what they will assume for the value of it. Off the top of my head, I would say $200, which would be duty of $26, and HST of $30. Since it is coming from the States, they may assume it was made there, in which case you would only be liable for the HST.

Or you could load up your panniers and ride it across. I doubt that they would ask about it.

I once cleared customs at Vancouver airport and they were concerned about my skis, which were obviously not new. I didn't have any proof of where I bought them and told them that and they let me go. The problem with dealing with those guys is they can be very arbitrary and you have no recourse.
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