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Going tubeless

I just got a new bike for commuting that has tubless ready rims and tires. They're 42mm with sawtooth tread. The guys at the bike shop were suggesting I convert immediately - said they would do it for free if I bought tubeless valve stems. I know my brother in law rides tubeless on his MTB but I'd not really heard much more about it. Apparently it's all the rage on road bikes now.

What do you all think about tubeless? How does the feel of the tires change? Right now, the tires ride super smooth and feel nice and grippy. Any other drawbacks? If I got tubeless, I'm thinking about ditching my spare intertube, tire levers and C02 cartridge and pump (sounded like a nightmare to pull the tubeless valve to get an intertube in place if I got a flat). I haven't had a flat in years and I'd probably just call Lyft or Uber like I do if I have to pick up a sick kid.

My commute is 16 miles RT on days I have to pick up the kids and 25 miles RT other days (I drive to various starting points and ride into work). In the fall I'm hoping to add 1 day a week where I commute from home for about a 36 mile RT.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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