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Another thing to consider is that riding style may be a factor. On my present saddle, I have absolutely no problems and no discomforts whatsoever even on century rides (160km / 100miles)... but that is with fast group rides where we tend to put down power on the pedals so our legs form a sort of suspension that help reduce pressure on the saddle.

But on brevets I notice I tend to feel more saddle discomfort, especially past 200km (124miles) where I tend to be in a more relaxed type of pedaling style, i.e. lower average power and more weight on the saddle. By the end of a 300km (186miles) brevet I get soreness at the sit bones... something I didn't really bother to think about until now, since the soreness is mostly superficial and goes away in 1-2 days. But after my most recent 600km (372miles) brevet, the following day the skin at my sit bones were really painful even to touch -- pretty obvious signs of abrasion. Took nearly a week for that to heal, and I am considering an alternative saddle that is designed more for sitting and less for racing.

But anyways the takeaway from that is, what's comfortable for hard and fast training rides may not feel the same for a more relaxed, ultra long distance ride.
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