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I’ve never had a license. I love riding my bike, but it can be very dangerous. Walking is good for you, and helps you to get to know the area (I typically know the city better than the natives - wherever I am). “Car culture” makes things extremely difficult by placing everything so far apart, and making the roads so dangerous. Light rail / subway / commuter rail are excellent. Busses are usually terrible, especially considering the time they consume. If a trip is less than four miles, it’s almost always faster to walk than take a bus. Most public transportation systems are poorly designed. In most areas they are designed to get commuters to and from work, not to get people around town. Boston is the best. DC area is ok for the most part, but you can only go certain places. One problem with cycling and walking is that it’s often difficult to be “professional” looking and smell good. It keeps you in shape. IDK about Australia or Canada, but being car free is difficult most places in the US.

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