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We as a family of 4 have one car. We use the car normally only on the weekends to get to hiking spots or do one large shopping trip when we are pressed for time. Other than that, I ride my bike to work year round and we have a trailer for shopping as well. The infrastructure is OK to get around with a bicycle, but I would definitely like to see a bike path next to each road outside of the towns and bigger cycling path inside the city. Kopenhagen was awesome in that regard.
Munich, even though it has countless bike path, is horrible to commute on. The path are to narrow and pedestrians sometimes have no space on the walk path, so they need to move into the bike lane or many times just walk on the bike path carelessly minding their own business.
Outside of the city where I live, commuting and shopping on the bike is much more relaxed. At one point, when I was trying to get my US car registered in the German system, I was getting all the paperwork together, which took me about 1 year.
I didn't miss the car during that time. So I guess I could go carless, if I wanted to, but for visiting my parents 200 miles away it would be somewhat impractical.

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