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Originally Posted by wunderchicken View Post
Keiffith sounds about right - I'll give it a stab and if I don't like it, I can always just put tubes back in. I have 100 miles on tubed tires in this new bike so it'll be a pretty good comparison since I'm only changing to tubeless and not the tire or rim as well.

Any recommendation on stems or sealant? I get the impression they're all about the same commodity type stuff. I keep seeing Stans when I google about.
I switched to tubeless for commuting. The only flats I tend to get are pinch flats (riding too fast on tires too skinny on crappy roads or rough gravel), and those have totally disappeared. Flats were pretty rare for me, and now don’t exist (knock on wood).

I love tubless for tires above 32mm – lets me run lower pressure with no problems. For tires 28mm or smaller – tubes are fine (when riding on good roads).

Fixing a flat would be a PITA. I have some tubless tire/wheel combos that mount fairly easy, some that are a nightmare, but no tubless tire is going to be as easy to change a flat on as a traditional tire.

And I agree – flats are so extremely rare with tubeless that Uber is better than carrying a repair kit.

Yeah – be prepared to check your air every week. Some tires (Schwalbe) have a built in inner tube and can hold air without sealant – they are a little better at holding air than the “tubless ready” tires that require sealant.

I use orange seal endurance sealant. I add sealant every 6 months.

Originally Posted by DiabloScott View Post
People who like tubeless generally either appreciate the low pressure ride, or get too many pinch flats or punctures of the type that sealant will protect from.
People who resist going tubeless generally consider the hassle to be more than it's worth.
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