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Originally Posted by wgscott View Post
I thought of this the other day (as I inadvertently unscrewed a valve core from my tube while removing a pump head).

Is there any down side to this (apart from ~20 gm added)? Why don't people just do this with all tubed tires?
I do. Stans was not very effective on the one I tried. The tube is too flexible in my opinion. Old school tubed version of slime or the farm supply store version of Berrymans has worked pretty good. When I am not tubeless I use some in my tubes. Not as good as a proper tubeless setup with latex but it does work. It is a possibly get home without patching solution based on my experience. They are not "glues" that dry in place, just liquid plugs that clog up the hole. You often find out it had worked on the previous ride the next day when you notice your tire is completely flat.

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