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Brazing Dropout and Heat Control

Dropouts have always been very difficult for me. In another thread I had posted a crack at the bottom of the slot, not in a corner, but in the middle of the slot. This winter I also posted a thread asking about life span of flux, and being unable to heat the drop out in 20 degree work space. Well, I figured it out today, and it was all because a number of you consistently referred to heat control.
1. Flux must expire as the stuff I had was dried out and I revived it with distilled water. It burned right up, and was a disaster. I have some new black flux from Harris and it is perfect.
2. Heat control. I was using a flame too cool or too hot and met disaster each time. Found the perfect flame and all is well.
3. The crack came from the slot being too tight to the drop out. Why it cracked in the middle of the slot and not the corner I will never understand, but at least I know the error of my way and how to avoid it in the next round.

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