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I've been car free or car light, off and on, for about 19 years, during which time I've lived in 6 US states and, briefly, the UK. With the exception of one period of a few months and then a year (during 2012-13), I've commuted to work and/or school by bike, walking, or public transit since 1999; for the most part, I've also relied on alternative transit for other activities such as errands and going out.

I got rid of the only household vehicle in March 2014. My significant other (of 10 years) and I are fortunate to live in an area with affordable housing that is within a couple miles of work, groceries, and hospitals, though since it's a smaller community, there is not much in the way of public transit. The transit we do have is particularly good at going near the schools, which is helpful for (older) kiddos.

These days, I generally bike (and ride throughout the cold and icy winters on the WI/MN border), sometimes with a trailer for errands. My significant other prefers to walk. Our families are nowhere nearby, so a couple times a year, we rent a car to go see them (meaning I drive - my significant other does not have a license.) I also have to drive for work a few times a year - again with a rental. I've used Uber maybe three times since we got it here, mainly to get pets to the vet , as that's the one service that we do not have nearby.

While I rode bikes for transportation before that, my first road bike - purchased 11 years ago - was a game changer. Road cycling, along with a bit of gravel, is my main hobby and fitness activity.
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