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Originally Posted by desconhecido View Post
I don't understand the problem with high spoke tension on a 36 spoke wheel if the rim and hub can handle the tension. Velocity says to tension between 110 and 130 kgf. Why would 120 kgf be a problem? Also, I don't understand what difference it makes to a 36 spoke wheel build that the rim also comes with an 18 hole option.
"Handling" tension is two things - the ability of components to not crack, and the ability of the rim to stay round. If you increase the total tension on the rim above its maximum, it will potato chip. Bang a super high tension wheel the wrong way on the road and it could collapse. The total tension on the rim is the individual spokes tensions times the number of spokes. So you should at least keep total tension in mind when you have a lot of spokes, and tend toward the lower end of the range.

With a low spoke count wheel you might want to hug the higher end of the tension range because you have half the spokes and want to provide sufficient tension to the rim to make the rim rigid.

There isn't a set number for any of this - just something to consider especially when you're using lighter weight rims at higher spoke counts.
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